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Nourie Braiding Hair

Nourie Braiding Hair

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Scalp irritation or stinky synthetic hair?

Our patent-pending, plant-based braiding hair extension (18 inches) reduces painful scalp irritation & embarrassing dandruff & flakes caused by high-tension braided styles. Each strand is coated with scalp and hair care active ingredients (e.g., niacinimide, ginseng extract root, etc.) to deliver nourishing nutrients to you during wear.

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Why It’s Special

  • Every strand of Nourie hair is wrapped in a nutrient-complex coating with a patented time release function that delivers nutrients to your scalp and strands during wear
  • We approach scalp health like skincare and boast natural Ginseng extract (promotes hair growth), Jojoba (hypoallergenic), and Rosemary (antifungal)
  • Compostable

Reduces ScalpIrritation

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Supports Hair Growth

Made in USA

Reduces Flakes


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A rich antioxidant known to support increased blood flow to hair follicles with dual-action hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginseng Root Extract

A powerful herbal ingredient known to promote collagen production and restore skin elasticity.


A natural antioxidant with proven antibacterial properties, that mitigates bacteria from thriving near the scalp and releasing odors.

Nourie hair has a gentle herbal aroma. We do not recommend “pre-treating” or “washing hair” prior to application to allow for ideal performance of time-release nutrient complex

Can I get Nourie hair wet?

Nourie hair handles moisture well however at this time elements of the nutrient complex may be lost if washed or wet. 

Can I put heat on Nourie hair?

Nourie hair is a braiding product designed with the nuances of braid styling in mind. Our revolutionary fibers can be set with hot water from a tap. This minimizes the risk of burns associated with proximity to boiling or near boiling temperatures.

Can I dye Nourie hair?

Nourie currently comes in standard shades that cannot be altered by a dying process.