Hair and Scalp Care Have a New
Plant-Powered Partner

Our patent-pending time-release function delivers a hair nutrient complex through every
strand of Nourie hair extensions

Patent-Pending Nutrient Complex

Each strand of Nourie Hair releases our balanced nutrient complex over over time during wear


We use high quality, renewable biomaterials sourced domestically and manufactured in the United States


We’ve engineered hair extensions that are safe-for-you and safe-for-the planet instead of piling up in landfills after use

Human Hair Properties

Our hair can withstand water, gel, some high heat temps, and other common styling techniques for the perfect style-forward coif

Beauty Rituals Should Heal, Not Hurt

The world's first patent-pending, plant-sourced braiding hair that delivers nutrients to the hair and scalp

Scalp Irritation

No need to treat or pre-wash hair to "wash off" chemicals that cause scalp irritation, pain, and swelling

Harsh Chemicals Plastics

Elevate your beauty experience by rejecting crude oil-derived plastics required to make many synthetic hair extensions

Hormone Disruption

Say goodbye to risky chemicals in your hair extensions that disrupt your body's endocrine system

Environmental Waste

Bring sustainability into your everyday life via the products you consume