Protective Styling. Elevated.

What if braiding hair could actually improve your clients' coils and curls?

Say “goodbye” to worrying about skin irritation and harsh chemicals in plastic synthetics, and “hello” to a brighter and promising new class of braiding hair!

At Nourie, we've created braiding hair that nourishes from scalp to hair ends once installed. They look and feel great and are healthier than typical the synthetic braid hair you've been using. Bonus points: they’re also sustainable and made with plants!

How it works

During their lifespan, Nourie hair delivers a proprietary nourishing complex to the scalp and strands in order to improve the hair and scalp damage while forgoing irritation that can results from synthetic braiding hair.

Nourie vs. Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is often full of toxic chemicals that ultimately harm ourselves and our community. While braiding hair brands may claim that their product is sustainable, hair and its packaging continue to land in landfills.

Our commitment to healthy and sustainable sourcing.

At Nourie, we've figured out how to deliver safe braiding hair without compromising on our values or the environment. We stand by where our ingredients come from, how they are produced, and the environmental impact of their production. We care about people and the planet, and that’s why we are commited to traceable sourcing and sustainability.

  • Non-Toxic

    We make our braid hair without bad-for-you chemicals, and without volatile organic compounds, which lead to of irritation in and outside your body. Healthier to wear, healthier for your hair!

  • Eco-Friendly

    Traditionally, synthetic braiding hair is produced with petroleum-based byproducts and chemicals that are highly flammable and pollute your environment. Nourie is healthy and sustainable. Healthier environments means healthier communities.

  • Plant-Sourced

    We've turned our backs on the traditional methods of making synthetic hair. Not only can you feel good about wearing our extensions, but they also look and feel like the real deal!

Who is Nourie?

We’re a team of brilliant and passionate Black women scientists who, with our technical expertise and personal experience, are determined to disrupt and revolutionize the hair industry by getting to the root cause for change. Learn more about us on IG!